Kids BJJ Bully Prevention


 Firebirds (Kids) class

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and judo are both self-defense systems that enable the people who practice it to defend themselves by using leverage and technique to submit/subdue opponents. It is also a fantastic way to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for kids of any age. Students often find that they gain self-esteem through athletic achievement and learn how to carry themselves better in situations that require them to deal with pressure.

Besides self-defense skills that will give children a high degree of self- confidence. Our Kids program will also work on:

¤Developing listening and focusing skills;
¤Improving social skills;
¤Improving self-control, respect and discipline;
¤Increasing physical attributes such as hand-eye coordination, strength, agility and flexibility.
¤How to deal with confrontation and bullying

Research has shown that martial arts has resulted in boosting a child’s ego, improving their grades, and giving them the mental and physical edge needed to excel for the rest of their lives.

What makes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu so effective for kids is the fact that instead of learning moves through forms or a prearranged set of movements carried out on a cooperative training partner, they will learn how to apply their techniques on a training partner who’s not cooperating and is counteracting with his own moves,

A free week trial is offered to any prospective student. Don’t miss out on a chance to give your child an experience that will serve him/her for the rest of their lives.